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Can you deliver pest control in the wet season?

Yes we can.  In fact we are very busy during the wet.  Ants find it too wet outside and move inside with you.  Termites are also at their most active during the wet.  Our treatments and products we use are very effective in eliminating your pest problems.  If we do the work, we will always warrant our work.

Do you do residential and commercial?

Certainly, we do both. Provide details of your requirements and we will provide a quote.

How do I get rid of ticks & fleas

Preparation is key.  Have lawns mowed, palm fronds picked up & removed.  Prior to your treatment, irrigate your garden.  This hatches the eggs and brings fleas to the surface.  Inside vacuum floors and disposed of bag in a sealed plastic bag..  Tick spray requires a full surface treatment as ticks like block surfaces and concrete.  Please see our preparation sheet for pre treatment instructions.

What is Termite Management?

In older homes we drill & inject the external perimeter of the dwelling to establish an up to date termite chemical zone.  With homes built after 1997 we can replenish your termite pump up system.  A termite Inspection & Report is carried out and Certificate of Treatment is supplied.  12 month free service period applies.  After 12 months, a reminder letter is sent stating that your service period has expired and offering you options for renewal.

What warranties do you offer?

Ants, Cockroaches & Spiders – we offer a 3-month warranty.  That doesn’t mean your treatment needs re-applying after 3 months.  12 monthly treatments are recommended to keep on top of infestations.

Ticks & Fleas – No warranties apply for Ticks & Fleas however we do a 7 day follow up treatment to eliminate their life cycle. Treating your pet with a suitable product (we recommend NexGuard) will help in ridding these pests.

Termites- We offer a 12 month Free Service Period on full perimeter treatments to your home.  An option to renew the Free Service Period is available at the end of each 12 months until the label life of the chemical is reached.

Trading Hours?

We are open Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 4:30pm

Fridays 8:30am – 2:00pm

What are your payment terms?

Please call our administration team to discuss setting up a client account

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit card, cheque, EFT, and cash. Afterpay is also accepted please ask our staff about this payment option before booking your service.

How long will it take to kill common pests?

Please allow up to three weeks for a complete cycle to occur.

How long do treatments take?

Allow two and a half hours from when our team arrive on site. Pets can be managed on site, however, removing them from the site may be less stressful for pets and owners

Do you do termite renovation work?

Yes.  There are options that we can use for when you are renovating your home.  We will require to view construction plans and possibly pay a visit to the site to quote.  Quotations are free to local areas, so please don’t hesitate to call.

I’m buying a home, can you inspect it for termites?

Yes we can.  We are the preferred Pest Control Company for most conveyancers in Darwin. They will send a request to our office and we will arrange a time with the agent to inspect.  In most cases the report will be with you that evening.

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